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At Global Gheins, we have a knowledgeable staff with up to 25+ years of experience combined. Our mission as a Financial Development Institution is to educate the community on many different aspects of the financial world and to provide the understanding that financial freedom is accessible to all. In order to do so we provide services and seminars such as, but not limited to, Business Credit building, Personal credit rebuilding, Tax Preparation, Small Business start up and  Bookkeeping, Online Marketing and much more. We also offer services such as Auto tags and titles, Auto homeowners and renters Insurances, and Notary Public. We aspire to be the community’s one stop shop for all of your financial needs.


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Our story

 Global Gheins actually came about 2010 with just a thought on providing a service that every human needs. The whole concept that I had in mind was geared towards education for everyday people just trying to understand the tax system and how they fit in indivually. So far I had about 6 years in of tax preparation and building great relationships with my clients. As the years went by we started to involve the local community on helping members make right FINANCIAL choices. Providing additional services such as credit rebuilding and business credit counselling actually came about through an associate needing their business and personal taxes prepared. From then on the relationship flourished for Global Gheins to be able to put together a program to provide to the existing and new clients. I noticed in my community that people were only limited to certain business for notary and tags and title services and called up an associate just to ask a simple question and moved forward with a great partnership in helping our clients! This is just the beginning of our venture in bringing awareness of FINANCIAL freedom that can be attained just by having a little help from Global Gheins really warms my heart.

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